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Want the best articles on everything about Manchester City? Of course you do and that is exactly what we aim to do.

Man City Analysis was born out of frustration with the articles that surround the Premier League giants as many of them that were being read never offered anything of true value and had always left us with more questions about what we had actually read.

Anyone can have an opinion and can put together a few hundred words, however not many can string all that together whilst also adding substance and a concise argument that is heavily supported with data to help back it up.

That’s where Man City Analysis comes in! Here, we put together those aforementioned opinion articles but with all the interesting and juicy data that you need to get a real sense as to why it has been suggested in the first place.

We take the latest transfer rumours and spin them into analytical reports whilst also providing you with the word from everyone from around the world that has had something to say that is related to the club in some way.

Man City Analysis also looks to offer analytical pieces on Pep Guardiola’s side and seeks to educate you about the niche – and often overlooked – side of the game: the tactical side. These articles will look to give you an in-depth review of what the Sky Blues are doing, what they can do better and how certain individuals (whether they are at the club or a rumoured transfer target) can help to improve things further at the Etihad Stadium.

Our contributors all have a passion for the analytical side of the beautiful game. If you do as well, then why not apply to write for us and join the team to get your articles out there in front of a huge audience of readers?

If you want to contact us or advertise with us – get in touch!

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