The head of the academy in Etihad Stadium has emphasised on the amazing feeling when an England U-21 international has set his foot in the big world.

Among Manchester City’s major goals in the coming years would be to”create more Phil Fodens”, based on Jason Wilcox, who’s discussed the midfielder’s”incredible” journey.

Foden spent eight years at the academy in Etihad Stadium prior to making the leap to Pep Guardiola’s initial team set up in 2017, at age 16.

The English playmaker has been handed a brand new six-year contract a couple of decades afterward, also City resisted the desire to send him out on loan amid documented fascination with Paris Saint-Germain.

Guardiola has described Foden since the very gifted player he’s ever worked with, even though being coached six-time Ballon d’Or winner Lionel Messi in Barcelona, also he’s been tipped to measure up to England’s senior team in the not too distant future.

City’s academy manager Wilcox was hugely pleased with the adolescent’s meteoric rise to prominence and expects that he could pave the way to another generation of stars in the Etihad.

“Phil’s travel was phenomenal,” he advised The National. “If you look at a player with high levels of technical skill, physically fantastic, technically good, he ticks these boxes.

“Those sort of players may play for any boss, any place on earth. Our intent is to generate more Phil Fodens.

“We’ve got internal targets that we’re attempting to create because of many players to our team. We’re not shying away from this.”

Wilcox went on to worry that City youngers planning to tread the exact same path as Foden might need to be patient prior to being given an opportunity to prove themselves, together with expertise essential when it comes to winning important prizes year in, year out.

“When you’re 18 and 19, then it’s extremely tricky to compete in the high level, a game in, game out,” that the City coach included.

“If you look round the [very top of this ] Premier League in this age category there’s probably just Trent Alexander-Arnold who’s a routine.

“When you see the way that Phil plays, each young player must demonstrate this patience. I really don’t believe that you will win the Champions League using a group of 18-year-olds.”