Manchester City’s ownership changed in 2008 when Sheikh Mansour purchased the club. Manchester City signed some of the top players after the takeover, which resulted in them winning their first Premier League title in emphatic fashion.

Manchester City edged over Manchester United by goal difference courtesy of a Sergio Aguero goal in the dying minutes of the match against QPR.

Sergio Aguero, David Silva, Vincent Kompany, and Yaya Toure were the first generation of signings made using Sheik Mansoor’s new money.

What followed was another league triumph under Pellegrini, and then came the Pep era, which catapulted City to heights they could never have imagined.

Manchester City with Pep Guardiola needs no description, and if things continue as they are, this may very well be the Pep and Manchester era!

Manchester City is on the verge of setting their dynasty in English football, they are that good!

But before all of this happened, there were times when Manchester city was humble and small. They were not playing Real Madrid on a Wednesday night but fighting relegation with Preston in 2nd tier.

But then there were also times when City was winning the league and FA Cup, way before the money from Sheik Mansoor hit the purses in the blue part of Manchester.

They claim that a blue moon only appears ever so seldom, but that blue moon rose for Man City in 2008. Materialized by one passionate fan in Saudi Arabia.

So, let’s have a look at Manchester City’s history which is often doubted and slated by rival fans, and talk about the 4 legends that played for the blue part of Manchester.

Way before the money arrived.

Eric Brook (1928-1939)

Eric Brook held the record for nearly 8 decades before Sergio Aguero shattered it to become Manchester City’s all-time goal scorer. In 496 games, Brook scored 178 goals.

After losing in the final the previous year, the City winger would help bring the FA Cup back to Manchester in 1934. Later, in the 1936/37 season, he led Manchester City to their first-ever league title.

Mike Doyle (1965-1978)

Mike Doyle, who was born in Manchester, went on to win 570 caps for the club and score 41 goals. Doyle is one of the most decorated players in Manchester City’s history. He has won the First and Second Division league titles in English football, as well as the FA Cup, a UEFA Winners’ Cup, and a League Cup.

Bert Trautmann (1949-1965)

Trautmann had a one-of-a-kind career that will most likely never be repeated. Trautmann was a Prisoner of war during WWII and even helped to mend tensions between England and Germany.

The City goalkeeper made 545 appearances for the club, including a legendary 17-minute stint with a broken neck in the 1956 FA Cup final. He’d earn FWA Player of the Year a few weeks later. He was the goalie during their run in the 1960s and 1970s, earning him a place among the best City players of all time.

Colin Bell (1966-1979)

You are not referred to as “The King” because you are merely an ordinary player. Colin Bell was without a doubt City’s best player during their historic run in the 1960s and 1970s. The midfielder would appear in 500 games for the club and score 155 goals.

To this day, it is difficult to find a City fan who does not consider Colin Bell to be one of their top two players. In 1975, he was named to the PFA Team of the Year. In addition, in 2005, he was inducted into the English Football Hall of Fame.

The fact that some Manchester City fans would call Colin Bell the best ever player and some younger ones would say the same about Sergio Aguero. Despite the fact that they have played 40 years apart, they are equally loved by the City Fans.

That’s a testimonial to the rich history and lore Manchester City possesses!